• Load life of 75000 times and  30000 times

  • For motor starting

  • Used for the compressor starter of a refrigerator and air-conditioner and for the water pumps

Item Characteristics
Operating Temperature Range(oC) -20~+70
Rated Voltage 110~300V,AC
Nominal capacitance range (uF)


Capacitance Tolerance(20oC,120Hz) 0%~20%
Power Factor(20oC,60Hz) 0.08
Over-Voltage Test Applied 1.2 times rated voltage for 2 minutes or 1.4 times rated voltage for 30 seconds.
Load Life(+85oC)

125VAC:Apply for one, second and rest for 29 seconds, two times per minute at +70oC after 75000 times Power factor:20% or less.
capacitance change: Within 25% of initial measured value.
160VAC:Apply for one second and rest for 59 seconds, one time per minute at +70oC after 30000 times. Power factor :20% or less. Capacitance change: Within 25% of initial measured value.

Withstanding Voltage Withstand 1500V,AC(r.m.s) for one minutes between both terminals and the case holding clamp. 
  • DIMENSIONS                                                                                        mm 
D A Teminal Type
25 10 H
30 10 G,H
35 12 G,N,P
40,45 16 G,N,P
51 20 G,N,P
  WV  110 125 140 160 180 200 220 250 280 300
25           30x70 30x80 35x60 35x70 35x80
30         25x60 30x80 35x60 35x70 35x80 35x100
40 25x40 25x50 25x60 25x60 25x60 35x60 35x70 35x80 35x100 40x100
50 25x50 25x50 25x60 25x70 30x60 35x70 35x80 35x100 40x100 45x100
63 25x50 25x60 30x60 30x70 35x60 35x80 35x100 40x100 45x100 45x100
80 25x60 30x60 30x70 35x60 35x60 35x100 40x100 45x100 51x100  
100 25x60 30x70 35x60 35x70 35x80 40x100 45x100 51x100    
125 30x60 35x60 35x70 35x80 35x80 45x100 51x100      
160 30x70 35x70 35x80 35x100 40x100 51x100        
200 30x60 35x80 35x100 40x100 45x100
250 35x70 35x100 40x100 45x100            
315 30x80 40x100 45x100              
400 35x100 45x100                
500 40x100                  

   The specific capacitance and case size are available on request.


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